How to become a Pure Data / GEM Professional

These are materials from a lecture about realtime audio and video programming (using GEM and Pure Data) at the University of Applied Science, FH Joanneum, for the master programme Media and Interaction Design.
All patches and media files are attached to this post. Most of the files are not made by myself - main credits go to Derek Holzer, Aymeric Mansoux, IOhannes m Zmölnig, Max Neupert and Cyrille Henry - I added additional patches and modifications.


General PD Introduction

Files in the directory 01.pd-control:

  • 01.basics: hot, cold inlets; order of operations
  • 02.events_over_time: counters, delays, lines, sequencer example
  • 03.math_and_logic_operations: conditional tests, arithmetic, random
  • 04.subpatches_and_abstractions: subpatches, send/receive, abstractions

GEM Introduction

Files in the directory 03.gem:

  • 01.basics: gemwin, Geos
  • 03.texture_processing: textures, gain, combination of images, pix effects
  • pix_film, perspective, video mixer, camera input, video effects
  • 05.muppet_show/showcase: 3D objects in 03.army_of_buddies.pd + 04.singalong.pd

Audio Introduction

Files in the directory 02.pd-audio:

  • general infos about digital audio
  • simple audio generators and modulators
  • samplers
  • filters, effects and FFT
  • pitch and beat detection

Motion Detection and Tracking

Files in the directory 03.gem/06.tracking:

  • 01-02: movement extraction with pix_delay and pix_movement
  • 03-04: motion tracking and movement detection with pix_blob
  • 05: motion tracking by comparing to a static background
  • 06: tracking with fiducial markers from the reacTIVision project (as used in the reacTable), the markers are also included (see fiducials.pdf)
  • more advanced tracking, object recognition, face detection, ...: algorithms are available through the OpenCV library - see OpenCV in PureData


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