Android 2.2 on an old HTC Magic (32B)

Because of the bad weather I tried to update my old HTC Magic phone to the new Android 2.2 today: I wanted to have the latest and greatest Android features Wink. However, some tweaks were necessary to get a real nice performance. One has to go through long forum posts to optimize the system etc., therefore here is a short summary. (These tips might be also helpful on other old phones, like the G1)
But it's worth the hassle: now the HTC Magic feels like an expensive, recent Desire phone !

Installing the system

Tethering Script for Android Phones and Gnome

Update: If you want to use _real_ tethering (without proxy), install CyanogenMod - a tutorial is in the Wiki !

Just a small shell script to get an internet connection on a standard gnome desktop (e.g. Ubuntu) via a proxy on an android phone (no root access needed!).

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