IAEMStream - an On-Demand Streaming Server Product

Georg Holzmann
Technical report

Institute of Electronic Music, IEM Graz, Austria


IAEMStream is an on-demand streaming server product for the open source content management system Zope/Plone, written in python.

The initial motivation was to provide students an access to the Archive of Electronic Music at the Institute for Electronic Music, University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz. This archive consists also of material which is unfortunately not copyright-free, therefore the streams must not be available freely for the public. IAEMStream takes over the right-management of Plone and so it can be well defined who is able to download or stream specific media files.
The RTSP protocol (real time streaming protocol) is used for on-demand streaming, which makes it legal for students to access the library over the internet in a comfortable way.

This document tries to give an overview of underlying streaming technologies (codecs, protocols and etc.) in section 2. Then existing open source streaming servers are discussed and evaluated in section 3 and finally the IAEMStream product is explained in section 4.

The software can be downloaded here: IAEMStream.