2819 - 2 rooms

Manuela Meier
Georg Holzmann
Project Description: 

2819 is a live "sound-installation" in time.
It is about the perception of music. How much information is too much, how much is too few to perceive the sounds as music ?

2819 consists of two rooms.
In the first room there is too few, in the second room too much information (see picture 1).
The (concert-)visitors are forced to be in one room a specific amount of time - so they can't move around in the "installation" - they are fixed because of the arrangement of the sounds in time.

The possibilities of the classical accordion were enlarged with cheap additional hardware (hacked mouse, keyboard).
The accordion is modified to a hybrid instrument, which sends control data to the computer, but can also produce "normal" accordion sounds - so it is possible to play extremely high, low and dense sounds on it.
We also used an additional control monitor for the accordion player for visual feedback, because the navigation through such dense soundspaces only by hearing is very difficult.

picture 1: 2819 spectrumpicture 1: 2819 spectrum

Sound-sources (loudspeakers) and sound-producers (performers) are separated - so the visitors hear and see the performance on a different place in the room.
Only the "normal" accordion sounds, which are very seldom, are perceived in the direction of the performers.

The hardware consists of a hacked mouse with an additional Lego-mechanic and a modified computer-keyboard (see picture 2), I access the data in the computer via the HID (Human Interface Devices) Interface.
All the audio processing and program logic is realized with the open source software PD (Pure Data) under Linux.

picture 2: 2819 hardwarepicture 2: 2819 hardware

Public Presentations and Performances: 
2819 @ moxx