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Georg Holzmann
GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL)
Programming language: 
C++, Python

Reservoir computing is a recent kind of recurrent neural network computation, where only the output weights are trained. This has the big advantage that training is a simple linear regression task and one cannot get into a local minimum. Such a network consists of a randomly created, fixed, sparse recurrent reservoir and a trainable output layer connected to this reservoir. Most known types are the "Echo State Network" and the "Liquid State Machine", which achieved very promising results on various machine learning benchmarks.

This library should be an open source (L-GPL) and very efficient implementation of Echo State Networks with bindings to scientific computation packages (so far to python/numpy, Pure Data and octave are in work, everyone is invited to make a Matlab binding) for offline and realtime simulations. It can be extended in an easy way with new simulation, training and adaptation algorithms, which are function objects and automatically used by the main classes.

For a theoretical overview and some papers about Echo State Networks see: Echo State Networks and for a detailed description, examples, documentation, downloads and installation instructions please visit the project page.