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Georg Holzmann
GNU General Public License (GPL)
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holzilib is a collection of useful patches for Pure Data.
They were created over the years - maybe they are also useful for someone else.

Here is a (not complete) list of objects:

=========================== control ============================

binomv		binomial distribution
change_s	like pd's change object, but for symbols
clock		simple GOP clock to always have the right
		timing ;)
count		a simple modulo-n counter
datamute	mutes the data for a specific time
for_loop	for loops with pd (using [until])
mapper		maps a number between different intervalls
metronom	a graphical (GOP) metronom
randfloat	a random float between the given boundaries
randint		a random integer between the boundaries
sawtooth	message sawtooth
seq1		a message sequencer for a single voice
seq1GUI		a GOP gui for [seq1]
seq6GUI		GOP sequencer with 6 voices which can be
speedlim_any	like [speedlim], but for any types of

h_pdf		draw your own probability density function
h_pick		picks out a random element of the list
h_pickout	like h_pick without putting back the elements
h_randfloat	a random float between the given boundaries
h_randint	a random integer between the boundaries

============================ audio =============================

compr~		a full featured compressor (needs zexy external)
compress~	remove all dynamic of a sound (experimental)
delay_transp~	delay based pitch shifter
denoiser~	spectral denoiser
eq~		3 band parametric EQ (needs iemlib)
exact-delay~	sub-block delays
fad~		a volume fader with [line~]
feeddel~	feedback delay line
filtercolor~	color your sounds with a LOP and VCF combination
granulator~	a full feature granular player
in~		audio input with VU meter (needs iemlib)
invpolar~	polar to rectangular coordinates conversion
material~	formant filters of various materials
mixer4~		4 channel audio mixer
over_drive~	overdrive audio effect
od_gui~		a GOP gui for [over_drive~]
panner4~	4 channel stereo panner
panner~		1 channel stereo panner
phasevoc~	phase vocoder for pitch shifting and
		time stretching
physical~	simple physical modelling with sound input
pianorev~	spectral storage
pitch_shift_del~	another delayline based pitch shifter
polar~		rectangular to polar coordinates conversion
reverb2~	simple, cheap stereo reverberator
reverb2gui~	GOP gui to [reverb2~]
rsample~	sampler which plays random slices of one
		soundfile (using xgroove~)
sampler_loop~	looping sampler (needs xgroove external)
sampler_*	different samplers, all based on the xgroove 
sine-env~	sine envelope generator
spectrum~	plots a logarithmic spectrum of a sound
vo_coder~	FFT based vocoder
volctrl~	audio output controller with VU meter
		(needs iemlib)
volctrl4~	audio output controller with VU meter
		for 4 channels (needs iemlib)
volhead~	audio output controller with VU meter
		and additional headphone output
ws~ + ws-base~	wave shaping objects