pix to pdp bridge

Started in: 
Georg Holzmann
GNU General Public License (GPL)
Programming language: 
C, C++

Two main video processing frameworks exist for Pure data: Gem and PDP.

pix_2pdp captures the contents of a Gem pix object and transforms it to a PDP packet (use colorspace YUV for the fastest conversion).
So it's possible to convert from Gem to PDP to Gem to PDP to ... Wink

What can you do with it?

  • use pix_video/pix_2pdp for firewire input in PDP
  • use pix_2pdp/pdp_rec~ to record Gem pixes
  • maybe switch between Gem and PDP all the time
  • ...

pix_2pdp is based on code of gem2pdp by Yves Degoyon and is a part of the gem2pdp package.
Many thanks to IOhannes M Zmoelnig for support!

Implemented colorspaces: RGB, RGBA, YUV, Grey.
For more information how to use it look at the help patch.