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Georg Holzmann
GNU General Public License (GPL)
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This is a small python/pyqt4 GUI progam to control various settings to save power on the Asus EEE-PC.
At the moment one can control and query the status of the camera, sound, wlan, lan, usb 1.1, fan and the cpu. All settings can be stored in presets, in example for battery, high-performance, low-power mode and etc.

Simply start the script poweeersave, then you will be asked for your root password. The program is not constantly querying the status of all your hardware, therefore if you want to update the current status you have to click on the button "Query Status". The presets are stored in the file "HOME/.config/grh.mur.at/poweeersave.conf", where HOME is usually "/root", because you need to run the program as superuser.

The program is written in python with pyqt4 and QtDesigner. You can open the file src/poweeersave.ui in QtDesigner to change the GUI. All commands which access hardware information are in the file src/commands.py and the logic in src/poweeersave.py. Any contribution is highly appreciated !